5 Auto Bids in the Books

Lipscomb, Radford, Michigan, Loyola and Murray State all have tickets punched to the dance. Kansas hangs on the last 1 seed. Florida rises drastically. Baylor and Louisville try to hang on as UCLA picked up a big road win.

1: Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Kansas

2: Duke, Michigan State, Purdue, Cincinnati

3: North Carolina, Auburn, West Virginia, Texas Tech

4: Tennessee, Wichita State, Michigan, Arizona

5: Gonzaga, Clemson, Ohio St., Florida

6: Kentucky, Houston, TCU, Nevada

7: Seton Hall, Miami, Texas A&M, Creighton

8: Rhode Island, St. Mary’s, Virginia Tech, Arkansas

9: Florida State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Butler

10: NC State, Arizona St., Kansas St., USC

11: St. Bonaventure, MTSU, Providence, UCLA/Texas

12: Louisville/Baylor, Loyola, New Mexico State, Louisiana

13: Murray State, Vermont, South Dakota State, Buffalo

14: Charleston, UNC-G, Bucknell, Montana

15: UC-SB, Penn, Wagner, Iona

16: Stephen F. Austin, Oakland, Lipscomb/Ark-PB, Radford/Bethune Cookman.

First 8 teams Out: Syracuse, Notre Dame, Marquette, Utah, Ok State, LSU, Alabama, Washington.

Bracket 3_4_18



2/25/18 Bracketology

As Conference Tournaments are about to start this is how I see the NCAA Field

Bracket 2_25_18

1: Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Kansas

2: Duke, Michigan St., UNC, Purdue

3: Auburn, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, WVU

4: Tennessee, Wichita, Arizona, Gonzaga

5: Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, Kentucky

6: Houston, URI, TCU, Nevada

7: Seton Hall, St. Mary’s, Butler, Creighton

8: FSU, Florida, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M

9: Miami, Arkansas, NC State, Arizona St.

10: Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, K-State

11: USC, St. Bonaventure, Providence/Baylor, MTSU

12: Louisville/Texas, Loyola, Louisiana, NMSU

13: Murray State, Vermont, SDSU, Buffalo

14: Charleston, Bucknell, UNC-G, Northern Kentucky

15: UC-Santa Barbara, Montana, Penn, Rider

16: FGCU, UNC-A, Wagner/Ark-PB, Nicholls/Bethune-Cookman

Bubble Bolsters Resume

Bracket 2_18_18

Kansas has too many Q1 wins to keep off the 1-line as Purdue falters.

1: Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Kansas

2: Purdue, Auburn, Cincinnati, Duke

3: Michigan St., North Carolina, Texas Tech, Clemson

4: Tennessee, Arizona, West Virginia, Wichita St.

5: Gonzaga, Ohio St., Texas A&M, Oklahoma

6: Arizona St., Alabama, Rhode Island, Missouri

7: St. Mary’s, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan

8: Houston, Providence, Florida St., Miami

9: Nevada, Creighton, Virginia Tech, TCU

10: Arkansas, NC State, Texas, St. Bonaventure

11: Seton Hall, K-State, Baylor/USC, Butler/Washington

12: MTSU, NMSU, Belmont, Loyola-Chi

13: Louisiana, SDSU, Buffalo, Vermont

14: ETSU, Charleston, Bucknell, UC-SB

15: Montana, Rider, NKU, Penn

16: FGCU, UNC-Asheville, Wagner/Nicholls, Savannah St./Southern

First 6 Teams OUT: LSU, UCLA, Syracuse, Louisville, Georgia, Boise State.

The Committee Releases Their Top 16

1: Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Purdue

2: Auburn, Kansas, Duke, Cincinnati

3: Clemson, Texas Tech, Michigan St., North Carolina

4: Tennessee, Ohio St., Arizona, Oklahoma

5: West Virginia, Gonzaga, Texas A&M, Wichita St.

6: URI, St. Mary’s, Arizona St., Florida

7: Alabama, Kentucky, Miami, Florida St.

8: Nevada, Michigan, Creighton, Missouri

9: Seton Hall, Providence, Virginia Tech, TCU

10: Washington, Houston, Texas, Arkansas

11: Butler, Kansas St., NC State/USC, Louisville/UCLA

12: MTSU, NMSU, Belmont, Loyola

13: Louisiana, SDSU, Buffalo, Vermont

14: ETSU, Charleston, Bucknell, Northern Kentucky

15: UCSB, Montana, Penn, Rider

16: FGCU, UNC-Asheville, Wagner/Nicholls, Grambling/Savannah St.

Boise State, LSU, Syracuse, St. Bonaventure and Mississippi State are the first 5 OUT.

1: Virginia, Villanova, Purdue, Xavier

2: Kansas, Auburn, Duke, Michigan St.

3: Cincinnati, Clemson, Texas Tech, Tennessee

4: Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio St.

5: Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wichita St., Nevada

6: North Carolina, Seton Hall, Miami, St. Mary’s

7: Gonzaga, Florida St., Creighton, Arizona St.

8: Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Texas

9: Washington, Providence, TCU, Missouri

10: USC, Butler, Louisville, Houston

11: Arkansas, Texas A&M, Kansas St./NC State, Virginia Tech/SMU

12: MTSU, NMSU, Louisiana, Loyola-Chicago

13: Belmont, South Dakota St., Buffalo, Vermont

14: ETSU, Charleston, Bucknell, Wright St.

15: UC-Santa Barbara, Montana, Penn, FGCU

16: Canisius, Wagner, Nicholls/Radford, NCA&T/Ark-PB

First 6 OUT: Georgia, OK State, UCLA, Boise St., LSU, Syracuse.

SEC Fares Well in Challenge With Big 12

New team at the top:

1: Virginia, Villanova, Purdue, Duke

2: Kansas, Xavier, Auburn, Michigan St.

3: Arizona, Texas Tech, Cincinnati, Kentucky

4: Clemson, West Virginia, Oklahoma, North Carolina

5: Ohio St., Wichita St., Florida, Tennessee

6: Nevada, Rhode Island, Seton Hall, Arizona St.

7: St. Mary’s, Miami, Gonzaga, Creighton

8: Louisville, Florida St., TCU, USC

9: Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas

10: Houston, Providence, Butler, SMU

11: Washington, Texas A&M, Kansas St./Marquette, Syracuse/Notre Dame

12: MTSU, NMSU, Loyola-Chi, Louisiana

13: South Dak. St., Belmont, Buffalo, Vermont

14: ETSU, Northeastern, Bucknell, Wright St.

15: Montana, SFA, UC-SB, Penn

16: FGCU, Canisius, Radford/Rob Morris, NCA&T/Ark-PB

First 5 OUT: Missouri, Georgia, Boise St., NC State. W Kentucky

1-Seeds Separate

1: Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, Duke

2: Kansas, Xavier, West Virginia, Oklahoma

3: Michigan St., UNC, Clemson, Auburn

4: Texas Tech, Cincy, Arizona, Florida

5: Kentucky, Ohio St., Seton Hall, Wichita St.

6: Arizona St., Tennessee, Nevada, St. Mary’s

7: Gonzaga, TCU, Rhode Island, Miami

8: Creighton, Michigan, Louisville, FSU

9: Texas A&M, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas

10: Georgia, Alabama, SMU, Butler

11: Providence, Marquette, Houston/Washington, Notre Dame/USC

12: MTSU, NMSU, Missouri St., Louisiana

13: South Dakota St., Belmont, Buffalo, Vermont

14: ETSU, William & Mary, Wright St., Bucknell

15: Montana, SFA, Penn, Radford

16: Hawaii, FGCU, Canisius/RoMo, NCA&T/Jackson St.

First 4 OUT: Syracuse, St. Bonaventure, Maryland, Boise St.

1: Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, Duke

2: WVU, OU, TTU, Michigan St.

3: Seton Hall, Kansas, Xavier, UNC

4: Wichita St., Clemson, Arizona St., Auburn

5: Kentucky, Cincy, Arizona, Tennessee

6: Gonzaga, TCU, Miami, FSU

7: Creighton, Ohio St., Michigan, Florida

8: Nevada, Butler, Notre Dame, URI

9: Louisville, Texas, St. Mary’s, Arkansas

10: Missouri, Texas A&M, St. Bonaventure, UGA

11: Marquette, UCLA, Syracuse/ Washington, Maryland/Houston

12: MTSU, Missouri St., NMSU, Louisiana

13: South Dakota St., Belmont, Vermont, Buffalo

14: Charleston, Wright St., Furman, Bucknell

15: Penn, Montana, Radford, SFA

16: FGCU, Cal St. Fullerton, Canisius/Bob Morris, NC A&T/TX Southern.

1st Four OUT: SMU, Providence, Alabama, USC

New Year and New Seed List

1: Villanova, Duke, WVU, UVa
2: TTU, Purdue, Mich St., OU
3: Seton Hall, ASU, X, KU
4: UNC, Wichita St., TCU, UK
5: Clemson, Auburn, Arizona, Cincy
6: Miami, Tennessee, FSU, UF
7: TAMU, Gonzaga, Butler, Arkansas
8: Notre Dame, Creighton, Michigan, Nevada
9: Minnesota, Syracuse, Baylor, Texas
10: Mizzou, Louisville, Ohio St., St. Mary’s
11: URI, St. Bona, UCLA/Washington, Georgia/Maryland
12: MTSU, Missouri St., NMSU, Louisiana
13: South Dak. St., Belmont, Charleston, Vermont
14: Buffalo, Bucknell, Furman, Oakland
15: Penn, Montana St., Radford, FGCU
16: SFA, Canisius, Cal St. Fullerton/Bob Morris, NC A&T/TX Southern

Final Bracket

Selection Sunday

Final Bracket

1: Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga, Kentucky

2: Duke, Arizona, North Carolina, UCLA

3: Oregon, Louisville, Baylor, Florida St.

4: Butler, Notre Dame, Florida, West Virginia

5: Virginia, Purdue, SMU, Iowa St.

6: Cincinnati, St. Mary’s, Michigan, Wisconsin

7: Creighton, Minnesota, Maryland, Wichita St.

8: Oklahoma St, Northwestern, Miami, South Carolina

9: Arkansas, Dayton, Virginia Tech, Marquette

10: VCU, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, Xavier

11: Michigan St, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee St, Providence/Vanderbilt

12: Nevada, USC/Kansas St, UNC-Wilmington, Princeton

13: Vermont, E. Tennessee St, Bucknell, New Mexico St

14: Winthrop, FGCU, Iona, Kent State

15: Northern Kentucky, Troy, North Dakota, South Dakota St

16: Jacksonville St, Texas Southern, NC-Central/New Orleans, UC-Davis/Mt. St. Mary’s