Final Bracket

Selection Sunday

Final Bracket

1: Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga, Kentucky

2: Duke, Arizona, North Carolina, UCLA

3: Oregon, Louisville, Baylor, Florida St.

4: Butler, Notre Dame, Florida, West Virginia

5: Virginia, Purdue, SMU, Iowa St.

6: Cincinnati, St. Mary’s, Michigan, Wisconsin

7: Creighton, Minnesota, Maryland, Wichita St.

8: Oklahoma St, Northwestern, Miami, South Carolina

9: Arkansas, Dayton, Virginia Tech, Marquette

10: VCU, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, Xavier

11: Michigan St, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee St, Providence/Vanderbilt

12: Nevada, USC/Kansas St, UNC-Wilmington, Princeton

13: Vermont, E. Tennessee St, Bucknell, New Mexico St

14: Winthrop, FGCU, Iona, Kent State

15: Northern Kentucky, Troy, North Dakota, South Dakota St

16: Jacksonville St, Texas Southern, NC-Central/New Orleans, UC-Davis/Mt. St. Mary’s


Selection Sunday Eve

I would like to quickly update my seed list before Selection Sunday. So here we go:

1: Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga, Kentucky

2: Arizona, North Carolina, UCLA, Oregon

3: Duke, Louisville, Baylor, FSU

4: Butler, ND, Florida, West Virginia

5: Virginia, Purdue, SMU, Cincinnati

6: St. Mary’s, Iowa St, Creighton, Wisconsin

7: Minnesota, Maryland, OK State, Wichita St.

8: Northwestern, Miami, South Carolina, Arkansas

9: Dayton, Virginia Tech, Michigan, VCU

10: Seton Hall, Providence, Marquette, Xavier

11: Vandy, Michigan St, WF/USC, MTSU

12: URI/K-State, Nevada, UNC-Wilmington, UT-Arlington

13: Princeton, Vermont, ETSU, Akron

14: Winthrop, Bucknell, FGCU, CSU-Bakersfield

15: Iona, Northern Kentucky, North Dakota, UC-Irvine

16: South Dakota, TX Southern, Jack St/NC Central, New Orleans/Mt. St. Mary’s

Illinois St, Syracuse, Cal, Iowa just miss out.


One week to go. Four teams are already in the field: Jacksonville St, FGCU, Wichita St. and Winthrop. It was a rough day for Monmouth and Illinois St. Monmouth won the regular season MAAC Championship two years in a row, but failed to win the conference tournament. Illinois St. is playing in one of the First Four games in my bracket as of now, but there is a lot of games to be played this week, none of them by the Red Birds.


1: KU, Gonzaga, Nova, UCLA

2: UNC, UK, Bay, Ore

3: L’ville, Butler, AZ, Duke

4: FSU, Florida, Purdue, WVU

5: ND, SMU, Cincy, St. Mary’s

6: Creigh, UVa, Maryland, ISU

7: UW, Minn, Wichita St, South Carolina

8: Dayton, OK St, Northwestern, Miami

9: Arkansas, VT, VCU, Michigan

10: Providence, Marquette, MSU, Seton H

11: USC, MTSU, Wake, Xav/Ill St.

12: Syracuse/URI, Nevada, UNC-W, UT-Arlington

13: Vermont, Princeton, Akron, ETSU

14: Winthrop, Bucknell, FGCU, Cal St. Bakersfield

15: South Dakota, N. KY, Iona, North Dakota

16: TX South, Jack St., UC-Irvine/NC Central, New Orleans/Mt. St. Mary’s.

First 6 OUT: Cal, KSU, Vandy, Iowa, UGA, Houston.



Seed List:

1: Kansas, Gonzaga, Villanova, UNC

2: Oregon, UCLA, L’ville, Baylor

3: UK, Arizona, FSU, Butler

4: Duke, Florida, WVU, Purdue

5: St. Mary’s, Notre Dame, Creighton, Cincy

6: SMU, Wichita St., Wisconsin, Minnesota

7: Virginia, ISU, Maryland, South Carolina

8: VCU, Miami, Xavier, OK St.

9: Northwestern, Arkansas, USC, Dayton

10: VT, Michigan, Michigan St., Cal

11: Providence, Seton Hall, Illinois St/Marquette, MTSU

12: Syracuse/Vandy, Nevada, UNC-W, Monmouth

13: UT-Arlington, Akron, Vermont, Valpo

14: Princeton, Belmont, FGCU, UNC-Asheville

15: ETSU, Cal St. Bakersfield, Bucknell, South Dakota

16: North Dakota, TX Southern, NC-Central, UC-Irvine, New Orleans, Mt. St. Mary’s

First 5 OUT: GT, Wake, K-State, TCU, Indiana.



Little shake up on the one line… Butler is securely in the top 4 lines… TCU is back in.

1: Gonzaga, Kansas, Villanova, North Carolina

2: Baylor, Oregon, Arizona, Louisville

3: UCLA, FSU, Duke, Florida

4: Kentucky, Butler, West Virginia, Purdue

5: Cincinnati, St. Mary’s, Creighton, Notre Dame

6: SMU, Wichita St., Wisconsin, Virginia

7: Minnesota, Maryland, South Carolina, VCU

8: USC, Iowa St., Xavier, Miami

9: Northwestern, Dayton, OK State, Arkansas

10: VT, Michigan, Michigan St., Cal

11: Marquette, Illinois St., Seton Hall/K-State, MTSU

12: Syracuse/TCU, Nevada, UNC-Wilmington, Monmouth

13: UT-Arlington, Valpo, Akron, Vermont

14: Princeton, FGCU, Belmont, Cal St. Bakersfield

15: UNC-Ashe, Bucknell, ETSU, NDSU

16: TX Southern, NC-Central, North Dakota/Mt. St. Mary’s, New Orleans/UC-Irvine

First 6 teams out: GT, Providence, Vandy, Clemson, Tennessee, Wake



1: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Baylor

2: UNC, Oregon, Arizona, Louisville

3: UCLA, Duke, FSU, Florida

4: Kentucky, West Virginia, Purdue, Creighton

5: Bulter, Cincinnati, Virginia, St. Mary’s

6: Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Maryland, SMU

7: South Carolina, USC, Wichita St., Minnesota

8: VCU, Xavier, Northwestern, Iowa St.

9: Miami, Dayton, OK St., Arkansas

10: VT, Cal, Michigan St., Michigan

11: GT, Illinois St., Kansas St./Seton Hall, Middle Tennessee

12: Syracuse/Marquette, Nevada, UNC-Wilmington, Valpo

13: Monmouth, UT-Arlington, NMSU, Akron

14: Vermont, Princeton, UNC-Asheville, FGCU

15: Bucknell, Belmont, NDSU, Furman

16: TX Southern, NC-Central, New Orleans/Mt. St. Mary’s, Weber St./UC-Irvine

First 6 out: TCU, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Clemson, Providence

Bracket 2-12-17


1: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Baylor

2: Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida St.

3: Louisville, UCLA, Kentucky, Virginia

4: Duke, Creighton, Florida, West Virginia

5: Butler, Cincinnati, Purdue, Wisconsin

6: Maryland, St. Mary’s, South Carolina, Notre Dame

7: USC, SMU, Xavier, VCU

8: Northwestern, Dayton, Wichita St., Minnesota

9: Miami, Virginia Tech, Iowa St., OK St.

10: TCU, Syracuse, Cal, Michigan St.

11: Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Illinois St./Michigan, Marquette/K-State

12: MTSU, Nevada, Valpo, UNC-Wilmington

13: Monmouth, New Mexico St., Arkansas St., Akron

14: Vermont, UNC-Asheville, FGCU, Princeton

15: Bucknell, NDSU, Belmont, Furman

16: TX Southern, Sam Houston, NC Central/Mt. St. Mary’s, Weber St./UC-Davis

First 5 OUT: Indiana, Seton Hall, Tennessee, Clemson, Wake.

Complete Seed List

Before the Selection Committee comes out with their top 16 teams this morning, I wanted to put out my complete 1-68 seed list. Here we go:

1: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Baylor

2: North Carolina, Florida State, Oregon, Arizona

3: Virginia, Louisville, UCLA, Wisconsin

4: Creighton, Butler, Kentucky, Duke

5: Cincinnati, Florida, Purdue, Maryland

6: St. Mary’s, West Virginia, Xavier, South Carolina

7: Notre Dame, USC, SMU, Minnesota

8: Northwestern, VCU, Dayton, Wichita St.

9: Miami, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma St., TCU

10: Iowa St., Syracuse, Cal, Indiana

11: Michigan St., Marquette, GT/Arkansas, KSU/Seton Hall

12: MTSU, Nevada, UNC-Wilmington, Valpo

13: Monmouth, NMSU, Arkansas St., Akron

14: Vermont, UNC-Asheville, FGCU, Princeton

15: Bucknell, North Dakota St., Belmont, Furman

16: Texas Southern, Sam Houston, NC-Central/UC-Davis, Weber St./Mt. St. Mary’s.

I am projecting Wichita St. to win the MVC Tournament, which currently puts Illinois St. on the outside looking in.

First 5 teams OUT: Illinois St., Tennessee, Clemson, Michigan, Wake

The bubble is not very strong this year. If any of these teams can get hot, along with a host of others like  Texas Tech, Utah, Ohio St., even Auburn, they will have an opportunity to make the NCAAs.

February 5, 2017


1: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Baylor

2: UNC, FSU, Arizona, UCLA

3: Louisville, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Oregon

4: Creighton, UVa, Butler, Maryland

5: Cinci, Duke, St. Mary’s, Purdue

6: Florida, West Virginia, South Carolina, X

7: Notre Dame, Northwestern, USC, Minnesota

8: SMU, VT, VCU, Dayton

9: Wichita St, Marquette, Iowa St, Indiana

10: OK St, TCU, Miami, Arkansas

11: Cal, MSU/GT, Clemson/K-State, Illinois St.

12: MTSU, Nevada, UNC-W, Valpo

13: Monmouth, NMSU, Ark. St, Winthrop

14: Akron, Furman, NDSU, FGCU

15: Vermont, Princeton, Bucknell, Belmont

16: TX Southern, Sam Houston, NC-Central/UC-Davis, Weber St./Mt. St. Mary’s

First 6 OUT: Seton Hall, Syracuse, Michigan, Tennessee, TX Tech, Wake.