Three of my one-seeds lost this evening: Villanova fell to Marquette; Kansas could not keep up with West Virginia; and Kentucky lost at Tennessee. All three top teams were on the road in fact.

Marquette has proven themselves as a legit NCAA tournament team. They played at Creighton at the right time and now have a quality win against the probable #1 overall seed.

Kansas losing at West Virginia is not very surprising to me. They weren’t going to win all their Big 12 games, and maybe this loss re-focuses them on a big non-conference matchup against Kentucky this Saturday in the Big12/SEC Challenge.

Which brings me to Kentucky. Pretty surprising to see that Tennessee (10-9) was able to basically control the entire game. The Wildcats are young and talented but not especially deep. They only played eight men, and the bench scored a measly four points.

In my opinion there are nine or ten teams that have a great opportunity to be on the one-line. One road loss in the middle of conference play does not make much of an impact at the end of the day. Kentucky is the only one who I would drop to the two-line. (Good news for Baylor.)

One other shocking headline for the night was Louisville’s annihilation of Pittsburgh, 106-51. One of the worst home losses in ACC history. Pitt was in my NCAA field by a hair this afternoon. With that loss and a 12-8, (1-6) record, they are now out.


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