Selje Brackets

1: Baylor, Gonzaga, Kansas, Duke

2: San Diego State, Dayton, Michigan State, Butler

3: West Virginia, Seton Hall, Louisville, Oregon

4: Florida State, Auburn, Kentucky, Maryland

5: Arizona, Ohio State, Villanova, Wichita State

6: Colorado, Iowa, LSU, Memphis

7: Michigan, Penn State, Arkansas, Texas Tech

8: Wisconsin, Creighton, St. Mary’s, Rutgers

9: BYU, Stanford, Houston, Illinois

10: Marquette, Florida, Indiana, NC State

11: Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Liberty, Purdue/Virginia

12: USC/VCU, UNI, ETSU, Yale

13: Vermont, Akron, Stephen F. Austin, Western Kentucky

14: Georgia State, Belmont, Wright State, New Mexico State

15: UC-Irvine, William and Mary, Colgate, Radford

16: Montana, ND State, St. Francis (PA)/Monmouth, PVAMU/Norfolk

11 B1G Teams In

1: Duke, Butler, Baylor, Gonzaga

2: Kansas, San Diego St., Auburn, Dayton

3: Michigan St., West Virginia, Oregon, Maryland

4: Louisville, Florida St., Kentucky, Wichita St.

5: Ohio St., Arizona, Seton Hall, Michigan

6: Villanova, LSU, Penn St., Memphis

7: Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Creighton

8: Texas Tech, St. Mary’s, BYU, Arkansas

9: Indiana, Houston, Illinois, Rutgers

10: Marquette, Oklahoma, Stanford, Purdue

11: Florida, Liberty, NC State, UVA/Xavier

12: VCU/Tennessee, Northern Iowa, Furman, Harvard

13: Vermont, Kent St., Stephen F. Austin, Western Kentucky

14: Wright St., Belmont, Charleston, NM State

15: UC-Irvine, No CO, Colgate, Radford

16: Little Rock, ND State, St. Francis (PA)/Rider, Prairie View A&M/NC Central.

First Bracketology of 2020

1: Duke, Kansas, Butler, Gonzaga

2: Auburn, SDSU, Baylor, Maryland

3: Ohio St., Dayton, Louisville, West VA

4: Oregon, Michigan, Michigan St., Florida State

5: Kentucky, Wichita St., Penn St., Memphis

6: Arizona, Colorado, Seton Hall, UVA

7: Marquette, Villanova, Iowa, Xavier

8: St. Mary’s, Creighton, Texas Tech, LSU

9: Florida, Houston, Arkansas, Purdue

10: NC State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma

11: Oklahoma St., BYU, Liberty, Washington/VCU

12: Utah St./Temple, UNI, Furman, Harvard

13: Vermont, SFA, Western Kentucky, Wright St.

14: Belmont, Charleston, New Mexico St., Kent St.

15: Colgate, Georgia St., UC-Irvine, Radford

16: Northern Colorado, NDSU, Rider/St. Francis (PA), PVAMU/NC Central

Final Bracket

Final Bracket 19

1-Virginia, 2-Gonzaga, 3-Duke, 4-Tennessee

5-North Carolina, 6-Kentucky, 7-Michigan St., 8-Michigan

9-Houston, 10-Florida St., 11-Texas Tech, 12-LSU

13-Purdue, 14-Villanova, 15-Kansas, 16-Auburn

17-Virginia Tech, 18-Marquette, 19-Wisconsin, 20-Wofford

21-Kansas St., 22-Iowa St., 23-Mississippi St., 24-Cincinnati

25-Nevada, 26-Buffalo, 27-Maryland, 28-Louisville

29-Iowa, 30-VCU, 31-UCF, 32-Seton Hall

33-Minnesota, 34-Washington, 35-Utah St., 36-Baylor

37-Syracuse, 38-Arizona St., 39-Oklahoma, 40-NC State

41-Mississippi, 42-Murray St., 43-Ohio St. 44-St. John’s, 45-TCU, 46-Florida

47-Oregon, 48-St. Mary’s, 49-New Mexico St., 50-Liberty

51-UC-Irvine, 52-Northeastern, 53-Vermont, 54-Yale

55-Saint Louis, 56-Georgia St., 57-Old Dominion, 58-Northern Kentucky

59-Montana, 60-Colgate, 61-ACU, 62-Bradley

63-Gardner-Webb, 64-North Dakota St., 65-Iona, 66-Fairleigh-Dickinson, 67-Prairie View A&M, 68-North Carolina Central.


Selection Sunday Eve

The Field should be set as there are no more bid stealers out there (as far as at-large teams go). Here is my seed list:

1: Virginia, Gonzaga, Duke, Tennessee

2: North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan St., Michigan

3: Houston, Florida St., Texas Tech, LSU

4: Purdue, Villanova, Kansas, Virginia Tech

5: Marquette, Auburn, Wisconsin, Wofford

6: Kansas St., Iowa St., Mississippi St., Nevada

7: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Maryland, Louisville

8: Iowa, VCU, UCF, Seton Hall

9: Minnesota, Washington, Utah St., Baylor

10: Syracuse, Arizona St., Oklahoma, NC State

11: Mississippi, Murray St., Ohio St./Florida, St. John’s/TCU

12: Oregon, St. Mary’s, New Mexico St., Liberty

13: UC-Irvine, Northeastern, Vermont, Yale

14: Saint Louis, Georgia St., Old Dominion, Northern Kentucky

15: Montana, Colgate, ACU, Bradley

16: Gardner-Webb, North Dakota St., Iona/Fairleigh Dickinson, Prairie View/NC Central.

Bracket 3_16_19


Changes All Over As Teams Secure Automatic Bids

Bracket 3_10_19

1s: Gonzaga, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky

2s: Duke, Tennessee, Michigan St., Michigan

3s: LSU, Houston, Texas Tech, Purdue

4s: Nevada, Kansas, Florida St., Virginia Tech

5s: Marquette, Wisconsin, Villanova, Auburn

6s: Kansas St., Mississippi St., Cincinnati, Maryland

7s: Wofford, Iowa St., Buffalo, Louisville

8s: Washington, Iowa, UCF, Baylor

9s: VCU, NC State, Oklahoma, Mississippi

10s: Syracuse, Utah St., St. John’s, Minnesota

11s: Arizona St., Seton Hall, Ohio St., TCU

12s: Murray St., Temple/Belmont, Clemson/Florida, Liberty

13s: New Mexico St., Hofstra, Vermont, UC-Irvine

14s: Yale, Old Dominion, Texas St., Montana

15s: Wright St., Colgate, Omaha, Bradley

16s: Sam Houston St., Gardner-Webb, PVAMU/Iona, Norfolk St./St. Francis (PA)

New Seed List

1s: Gonzaga, Virginia, Duke, Tennessee

2s: Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan St, Michigan

3s: LSU, Houston, Texas Tech, Marquette

4s: Purdue, Kansas, VA Tech, Nevada

5s: Villanova, Wisconsin, Florida St, Iowa St

6s: Mississippi St, Cincinnati, Auburn, Maryland

7s: Kansas St, Wofford, Buffalo, Iowa

8s: Louisville, NC State,  Baylor, Washington

9s: UCF, Syracuse, VCU, St. John’s

10s: Ohio St, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arizona St

11s: Minnesota, TCU, Seton Hall, Utah St

12s: Texas/Alabama, Lipscomb, Florida/Temple, Murray St

13s: New Mexico St, Hofstra, Vermont, Yale

14s: South Dakota St, Old Dominion, UC-Irvine, Texas St

15s: Montana, Loyola-Chicago, Wright St, Colgate

16s: Campbell, Sam Houston, PVAMU/Iona, Norfolk St/St. Francis (PA)

Realistically, I think there are 8 at-large teams I have in the tournament who could easily not make the tournament in 2 weeks. So my top 8 teams that I have out are Clemson, Belmont, Furman, Georgetown, St. Mary’s, Liberty, Indiana and Creighton.

Shake-Up at the Top

Bracket 2_24_19

1: Gonzaga, Duke, Virginia, Kentucky

2: Michigan St., Tennessee, Michigan, North Carolina

3: Marquette, Houston, LSU, Texas Tech

4: Purdue, Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin

5: Virginia Tech, Villanova, Iowa St., Florida St.

6: Maryland, Mississippi St., Kansas St., Louisville

7: Iowa, Cincinnati, Auburn, Wofford

8: Buffalo, Washington, NC State, St. John’s

9: Mississippi, Baylor, Ohio State, Syracuse

10: Oklahoma, VCU, Lipscomb, TCU

11: Texas, Arizona, UCF, Seton Hall

12: Minnesota, Temple/Florida, Alabama/Furman, Murray St.

13: New Mexico St., Vermont, Hofstra, Yale

14: South Dakota State, Old Dominion, UC-Irvine, Texas St.

15: Montana, Wright St., Loyola-Chicago, Radford

16: Bucknell, Sam Houston, Prairie View A&M/Norfolk St., St. Francis (PA)/Iona.

Clemson, Utah State, Belmont, Butler, Nebraska, Liberty, Davidson and Georgetown are FIRST TEAMS OUT.

Bracket & Seed List

Bracket 2_18_19

1: Duke, UVa, Gonzaga, Tennessee

2: Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan St., UNC

3: Kansas, Marquette, Houston, Purdue

4: Nevada, LSU, Texas Tech, Iowa St.

5: Wisconsin, Villanova, Virginia Tech, Louisville

6: Iowa, Florida St., Mississippi St., Kansas St.

7: Maryland, Cincinnati, Auburn, Buffalo

8: Mississippi, Washington, NC State, Wofford

9: Baylor, St. John’s, Ohio St., Syracuse

10: Texas, Oklahoma, Lipscomb, TCU

11: Minnesota, UCF, VCU, Seton Hall

12: Arizona St./Alabama, Nebraska/Clemson, Murray St., Davidson

13: New Mexico St., Hofstra, Vermont, Yale

14: South Dakota St., Northern Kentucky, Old Dominion, Texas St.

15: UC-Irvine, Montana, Loyola-Chicago, Radford

16: Bucknell, Sam Houston St., PVAMU/Norfolk St., St. Francis (PA)/Canisius.

Teams OUT: Temple, Furman, Florida, Butler, Utah St., Indiana, Belmont.

First Bracket After Committee’s Top 16

1: Duke, Tennessee, Virginia, Gonzaga

2: Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Michigan

3: Purdue, Kansas, Marquette, Houston

4: Nevada, Wisconsin, Louisville, Iowa St.

5: Texas Tech, LSU, Virginia Tech, Villanova

6: Iowa, Maryland, Kansas St., Florida St.

7: Mississippi St., Cincinnati, Auburn, Buffalo

8: Washington, Baylor, NC State, TCU

9: Oklahoma, Ohio St., St. John’s, Syracuse

10: Wofford, Mississippi, Texas, Minnesota

11: Alabama, Clemson, Lipscomb, Arizona St.

12: UCF/Butler, Indiana/VCU, Davidson, Murray St.

13: Hofstra, NMSU, Vermont, Yale

14: South Dakota St., Northern Kentucky, Old Dominion, Texas St.

15: Loyola-Chi, Montana, UC Irvine, Radford

16: Bucknell, Sam Houston St., Rob Morris/PVAMU, Norfolk St./Monmouth

First 6 Out: Seton Hall, Nebraska, Temple, Florida, Georgetown, Creighton.